Wednesday, May 4, 2011

in the whisper.

There is a whisper in the deepest part of my soul.  It sits right next to the longing.  No doubt that both were placed side by side by an intentional God.  I long to do something for children whose circumstances are wrong, whose love is present but not returned, whose hearts ache and they do not notice because they have never lived without an ache.  This longing is compounded by my heart, my passion, my love for special needs children.  It's so intense.  It burns. 

Enter circumstances.

There is nothing in my life right now that spells "go".  It simply signals that I halt, that I wait.  There must be a purpose for this passion, this longing, this love.  Oh that I might sit patiently and wait for his plan to unfold in circumstances that feel impossible.


I long for resurrection.

Resurrection of dreams, of traveling the road that leads to difference.

After all, I am claimed by the God of resurrection.  Have at it, God.  Use these deep passions of my soul. 







Reaching for his hem,