Monday, February 21, 2011

Buried. Words that no good can come from.

We gathered in the kitchen, programs in hands, laughter under our breaths and serious understanding in our hearts. The burial ceremony had begun. We buried "words no good can come from."

Really. We listed them - put downs, nasty comments, names, stupid, freak. We named them - mean words, idiot, jerk, critical words. We dug up the earth and made a place for them. We will strive to keep them in that place, pray that we can. These words, written on small strips of paper, are gone forever. These words are to decay in the ground and be wholly absent from our relationships, we pray.

We needed this important reminder that the words we use have power beyond our understanding. These children need to believe in and with every fiber of their being that they are not what words are spoken about them or called out to them in anger. And so, this simple ceremony was theirs, an indelible memory of the choices we will make with our words.

It seemed right to give the laughter and giddiness that seeped through smirks and smiles its proper place and so, we ended with an apple juice toast in colorful classes to celebrate the gone forever words that no good can come from.

Reaching for the hem of his garment,

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Bethany said...

I like this! words are potent. Thank you