Thursday, February 24, 2011

she waits.

She waits after class for me each morning.  Lecture ends, questions are posed, students gather at the front of the room and then they weave their way out.  Each morning she stays.  Her heart is so heavy. 

She can't eat.  She can't think straight.  She can barely get through a sentence without filling up with tears.  Life has been so difficult.  His abuse, his nasty living, his put downs, his mean words, his manipulation.  She has decided to make a different choice.  She will live free of this.

So, we talk of divorce law and custody and support.  But, what we really talk of is pain and freedom, tears and hope, sadness and possibility. 

And, I pray.  I pray for her, for hope, for her heart to be safe.  And, I utter a huge thank you.  Thank you for this moment where I can feebly attempt to support.  I wonder how many times I fail to see these moments because I choose hurrying through the moment instead of meeting the needs of the moment.

Reaching for the hem,

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